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I just read through your experiences with telemarketers, etc. Was looking for help on how to get rid of junk mail and telemarketers by asking the question of ASK.COM and it led me to your web site.
Just want to say WAY TO GO! You are our hero! :) And thank you for making all this available to the general public. I will be using some of your techniques, persistence, and strategies.
Best wishes!

N.B. - Greenville, SC

I think your site is very well done. It's easy to navigate/laid out well. I love its purpose. Love your determination to fight the corporations, especially since I'm sure, as you indicate, it's not for any real financial gain (minimal recompense compared to amount of work put into fighting them), but for the principle. Thanks for sharing all your information. Other sites tell how to do parts of the process, but yours gives enough step-by-step information for me to feel that I could actually fight those people.

S.W. - St. Louis, MO

I just HAD to write you in appreciation of your web site on "Help Take a Byte out of Telemarketers"! My husband and I have been plagued by these pests of the modern world for quite some time now. Since we are both full time college students with a baby we haven't had the money to send away in order to be placed on the national Do Not Call list (even the $10.00 fee is a lot for us right now). We doubt it would be worth it anyway. I can't tell you how many times, after our son has spent a restless night teething, we have received a call from some telemarketer early in the morning followed by the sounds of his cries at being needlessly awaken.
I have tried, in vain, to be "taken off the lists". Your helpfull information gives me hope that this torture can end (I am not being dramatic, we have actually been receiving upwards of 5 calls a day >from these vultures!). I swear they seem to know when we are putting our son down for a nap and trying to catch a quick snooze ourselves (rare as that may be). Well, what I really was writing to say was KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Thank you for posting such useful information!

T.C. - Flagler Bch, FL

Excellent job, Brian.
This takes a lot of energy on your part, but you're proving to be more than a match for Convergys. On reading your web site I picked up a few more techniques to use when answering telemarketer phone calls. I really dislike those "Out of Area" phone calls. D.S. - Chattanooga, TN

I thoroughly enjoyed your website! The information provided has persuaded me to keep a log by my telephone for I am plagued by telemarketers. I cannot wait to see what unfolds in your case pending with Convergys! Please continue to maintain this exceptional and informational website!!!

Dave - Yakima, WA

Awesome. I'm going to start a file tonight.
-E.B. Champaign, IL

I looked through your telemarketing site. Fantastic! Its about time that someone nabbed them in the butt. I wish I had known about how to proceed legally when I got harrassed at 6am--every other day--for over a month, from First USA credit card. And of course theres the one where the Sprint guy actually called right back after being hung up on and said "Come on! Why not switch!?"
I forwarded your site to EVERYONE.
You rock!
-C.S. Seattle, Washington

this web site is some of the most entertaining reading i've had in ages. much better than the new Crichton novel i'm working on.

i couldn't put it down! - jeff elbel, the big takeover
a stunner! - jeff elbel, true tunes news
i laughed! i cried! it was better than Cats! - jeff elbel, 7ball magazine
-J.E. Los Angeles, CA

I think the way to get this to stop is to have the telephone company send a check box on the next bill to all customers. If you check the box then there is an asterisk published next to your name in the phonebook and you are not to be called by a telemarketer at any time. Electronic phonebooks would be made available to telemarketers immediately so that the consumer's wishes are respected.

This should cost the consumer NOTHING.

Erik H.

The last time I had someone call me at 8:45 in the evening, I not only asked them to take me off their call list, but also told them that it was a very inconvienient time to be calling in the first place. First the extremely obnoxious girl hung up on me and then proceeded to call back six times in the next five minutes! We searched the internet, and called information all with no results. No one had ever heard of the Royal Palm Golf Resort in St. Augustine, Florida. I wish I'd found your web site before this ridiculous situation occurred. Next time, I'll be sure to follow your advice!

JL - Ocala, FL

Good going. Knock their parts in the dirt.

D.L. -Champaign, IL

Brian, you are awesome! I am putting this info in action. I am so... sick and tired of "unavailable" calls coming in several times a day and many times no ones on the other end. Just getting ridiculus.
Love your art work too, really good. My husband does graphics in the Air Force. Not an easy career field these days, very competitive, good luck.

C.S. Hampton, Va


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