Fight Fire with Fire.
Hit the Telemarketers Below the Belt
(that's the wallet).

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 is the public's only weapon in the fight against telemarketers. One of the paragraphs of the law states that after you request to be put on a company's Do Not Call list, if the company calls you back within a year this is a violation. You are entitled to $500 for each violation, and multiple violations can occur in a single phone call. Few people know about this law, but the word is spreading. This site is designed to empower people to enforce this law, and to hopefully make it financially disadvantageous for companies to reach into our homes in the name of a quick buck.

Here's a picture of the check that they sent me when I made my first bust. I blurred out a few signatures and numbers to cover my keister in the legal department, but there it is. My first confirmed kill.
NEWS FLASH: After two years of retirement, I return to the fight and pick up $2500 in my return case!

-Why I'm Doing This

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      First USA/Bank One
      Silverleaf Resorts

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-Enforce Your Rights

-The Truth about Police/Fireman Charities

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Confirmed Kills: 4
Cases Pending: 0
Total Collected: $4300



Recent Developments
07/2000  I went into retirement to make time for grad school.
11/2002  I'm once again pushed over the edge by telemarketers.
11/21/02 I send a demand letter to Silverleaf Resorts
01/2003  Silverleaf settles out of court for $2500

Nothing on this site is legal advice, nor should it be taken as such. I am simply telling the story of my (and others') experiences.
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