It wouldn't be an informative page without a disclaimer, would it?

The purpose of this page is to tell the story of my experiences fighting telemarketers. Hopefully this will encourage you to pick up the fight. My accounts here are my version of what happened. I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know the law, other than what I've discovered in my quest to put an end to the annoyance. This means that I'm not giving legal advice--just stating what I believe to be the truth.

That being said, don't rely on what I've written here as legal advice. What I put here is the truth as I see it. I will not exaggerate the facts, though my interperetation of them may differ with someone else's (ie. Discover's Legal Department).

It pains me to have to actually put a disclaimer in this thing, but it's part of today's society.

Ok. Back to business...